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Terms and Conditions


The following Terms and Conditions apply to all work performed by Amplexa Genetics A/S (hereafter called:



Amplexa’s products and services include the analysis of human DNA and/or RNA. Analysis is performed
using various methods and technologies including Sanger sequencing, next generation (NGS) sequencing,
and deletion, duplication and amplification analysis (e.g. Multiplex Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification
assay, MLPA). The output of the analysis is a written report with the molecular genetics analysis of the
findings (if any), which is sent to the requester.



When placing an order with Amplexa the requester agrees with Amplexa’s quotation, and Terms and
Conditions, and this shall constitute the entire contract between Amplexa and the requester, unless
otherwise agreed.



The acceptance of any purchase order or request by Amplexa is contingent upon approval of the
requester’s credit by Amplexa.
Prices quoted by Amplexa are valid for 3 months, unless otherwise noted, and are subject to change
thereafter. The quotation is only valid for the requester and/or institution and is non-transferrable.
All prices are in EURO (€), unless otherwise noted. Amplexa’s invoices have payment terms of Net 20 days
and payable in EURO or DKK unless otherwise agreed.
In case of failure to meet payment terms Amplexa reserves the right to charge interest (6%) for the delayed
period in addition to other expenses incurred to collect the faulty payment.
Amplexa Payment Information is:
Bank Name: Danske Bank
For payment in DKK:
Reg. nr.: 3600 Account nr.: 3362237343
IBAN: DK1230003362237343
For payment in EURO:
Reg. nr.: 3600 Account nr.: 3600085980
IBAN: DK4030003600085980



The requester is responsible to collecting samples that are to be analysed.

It is the obligation of the requester to provide material of sufficient quality and quantity for Amplexa to perform the analysis. Amplexa performs initial tests for quality and quantity and failure to meet those criteria will cause a rejection of the sample. The requester will be informed there of, and asked to send a new sample. The table below provides specification on samples concerning matrices, quantitative specifications, and shipping instructions.

 IATA Packaging Instruction 650  
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For partial delivery, each partial delivery is calculated separately with regards to Turn-around Time (TAT). Such could be the case for test material from additional individuals (e.g. parents, or relatives) which was not provided with the initial sample.



The maximum Turn-Around Time for tests submitted to Amplexa is 5-6 weeks. In case of partial delivery (e.g parental samples) TAT is re-set with each partial delivery. During special periods, such as national holidays and major vacation periods, a longer TAT can occur.



Unless specifically ordered by the requester or applicable law, samples will be stored for 11 years for evidence and scientific purposes by Amplexa. Amplexa shall retain its test reports and related data and documents as required by applicable law or accreditation standards.

Unless specifically ordered by requester or applicable law Amplexa may anonymize materialsto be included in its genetic information pool and/or use samples solely for scientific research also on a completely anonymized basis contingent upon permission from The National Committee on Health Research Ethics to perform such research. In such cases ownership of the anonymized samples is constituted by Amplexa.



Patient sensitive information is confidential and is compliant with the Danish Data Protection Agency’s rules and regulations. Test reports are sent in hard copy to requester, but can also be sent electronically if the requester so desires. Amplexa shall, within reason, do it’s utmost to protect confidential information.



Except as stated in paragraph, Liability for Results, Amplexa disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Amplexa shall have no liability for incidental or consequential damages of any nature whatsoever, unless they were caused by intent or gross negligence.



Amplexa uses reasonable diligence to prepare reports based on the newest available and published scientific findings as well as Amplexa’s own databases. Due to the rapid development in new genetic findings and the difficulty determining their true accuracy, Amplexa will not be liable for its test results except for intentional or gross negligent conduct. This also applies for physicians working with Amplexa in an Advisory Board capacity.



Complaints can be given by telephone (+45 66 11 66 28+45 66 11 66 28) or in writing (hardcopy letter toAmplexa’s address, or email: Amplexa will respond to any complaint or feedback within a maximum of eight (8) days. Amplexa will do it’s best to resolve complaints but resolving complaints may take longer than eight days.



Amplexa is not responsible in case of Force Majeure, which includes but is not limited to delays, errors, damages or other problems caused by events or situations, which are unpredictable and/or outside Amplexa’s control, or because of Amplexa complying with National rules and regulations.



Unless otherwise agreed disputes are settled under Danish law in Denmark.