Carrier Screening Program


Carrier Screening Test is an important test for people planning to have a baby or considering using egg or sperm donors. These tests look for certain genetic variants that could cause inherited diseases. Knowing if you, your partner, or desired donor carry these genetic variants can help you make informed decisions about starting a family.

Anybody can be a healthy carrier of a genetic variant without knowing.

Amplexa Genetics solutions are available for IVF clinics and clients who wants the ultimate genetic security before starting a family.

Chosse the test that you think corresponds to your needs, you can do this by reading the description below.


We want to be parents but before a pregnancy, we would like to know if our child can inherit a rare disease

Test description: 93 genes for mutations related to rare hereditary diseases. Prepare couples before pregnancy. The test follows criteria set by ACOG.

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I want to have a child with the help from a donor. I'm single.

Test description: Screens for mutations in 430 genes in a patient and donor looking for patient/donor compatibility. The genes studied are responsible for rare hereditary diseases. 

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I want to be a mother, but before that, I would like to know if I will pass on genetic mutations to my child.

Test description: X-linked carrier test is a test specifically for women before pregnancy. The test is used to investigate genetic mutations passed from a mother to her child.

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