A sample is not merely a homogenic mixture of cells - uncover the biological complexity of your sample, one cell at a time.

Single cell techniques are methods for analyzing the expression profile at a single cell resolution rather than mixing all cell types as in bulk assays.

  • Identify specific cell types or subpopulations within the sample
  • Integrate epigenomic and transcriptional data from the same cell
  • Allow flexible solutions for different set-ups for both small- and large-scale projects

Available single cell techniques:

Single Cell Transcriptome Profiling: A 3' gene expression analysis with multiomic capabilities to profile tens of thousands of cells and explore, for instance the cellular heterogeneity, cell fates, biomarkers etc.

Single Cell Immune Profiling: A multiomic solution to analyze full-length, paired B-cell or T-cell receptors, surface protein expression, and antigen specificity, in combination with gene expression analysis, all from a single cell.

Single Cell ATAC sequencing: A multiomic solution to uncover gene regulatory mechanisms by simultaneous analysis of the gene expression profile and the chromatin accessibility in the same cell.

Targeted Gene expression analysis: Profiling of a defined set of transcripts from single cells to reduce costs while increasing the number of samples, or increasing the sequencing depth with customizable, comprehensive gene panels.


We guide you at every step through the process from biological question and idea to preparation of figures for publication and relevant follow-up.

Consultation: Process from preparation of samples, how to meet the quality measures for better results, what type of single cell technique to use, and how to approach your biological questions in the analysis. We discuss experimental limitations throughout the process and give suggestions for adaptations. scRNA-seq and Analysis: As soon as your cells are fixed, and the quality is ensured, we will take over and generate what you need to move on with your project. We apply all necessary QC filters and generate ready-to-analyze data or provide a full bioinformatical package according to your requests. Delivery of report, data, and figures: As a special service, we provide a complete customized report performed by our in-house bioinformatician. This report includes lists of pathways, marker genes, transcriptional networks, and special requests according to your project. We also provide ready-to-use figures for publications. Delivery of report, data and figures: As a special service, weprovide a complete customized report prepared by our in-house bioinformaticians.This report includes lists of pathways, marker genes, transcriptional networks,and special requests according to your project. We also provide ready-to-usefigures for publications. Presentation of data: We will go through your results, help with the interpretation, and suggest follow-up studies. Follow-up consultation: On your request, we will meet for a follow-up consultation and discuss new aspects of your data and re-analyze specific cell populations or clusters according to your biological question.


Our single cell technologies can be applied to many different areas within research, and we are always open to discuss how they could be relevant for your project. We are currently applying single cell technologies to the following research areas:

  • iPSC maturation
  • Developmental biology
  • Neuroscience
  • Microbiology