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Childhood Epilepsy


This panel is developed for use in cases where early onset epileptic encephalopathy is suspected. Generally the earlier the age of onset the more likely it is that there is a genetic component. For neonatal onset of seizures, positive findings are made in approximately 60% of patients. The panel also contains genes for familial focal epilepsies and epilepsies with later age of onset of seizures.

The panel is frequently evaluated and updated. The current version includes 110 genes.

Genes list

Name OMIM Inheritance

Test specifications

The test is performed as data extract (virtual targeted panel) from whole exome data.

Chemistry: Twist Biosystems Human Core Exome

Hardware: Illumina Novaseq 6000 Sequencer

Data processing: Variant calling and filtering is performed with an in-house bioinformatic pipeline.

Metrics: Average read depth >100-fold. On target coverage >97% at a >20-fold read depth.



By ordering an analysis at Amplexa Genetics A/S, the requester confirms to have obtained the necessary informed consent for the performance of the requested analyses, and accepts Amplexa Genetics Terms and Conditions. A hard-copy requisition or an e-mail stating the specific analysis together with the receipt of a sample is considered an order to conduct the analysis.

From the day of order receipt the turn around time is 5 weeks.



ISO 15189 accredited test

This test is DS/EN ISO 15189:2013 accredited under DANAK exam number 1023.