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Amplexa Genetics offers a series of panels (multiple genes in a single test) within epilepsy/neurology, endocrinology, cardiology and oncology. If you are looking for a specific gene or phenotype, please use our selector in the center of ourfront page.

Panels contains several genes of interest within a given indication or disease/syndrome while custom panels contain only specific genes relevant to a particular diagnosis.


Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) allows for high throughput DNA sequencing at significantly lower cost than traditional exon-by-exon analysis using e.g. Sanger sequencing. This has a significant impact on patient diagnosis by screening more candidate genes at lower cost and faster turn-around time. Not all genetic tests give positive result, but a negative genetic test is also of significant value. A negative genetic test result can eliminating the likelihood of inherited risk because significant genes are screened.


We can extract single genes from our panels or create virtual panels customized to your needs, by blinding ourselves to the genes you wish to leave out. This way, we adapt our analysis to your needs. Prices vary accordingly.


Amplexa employs Sanger Sequencing and MLPA to verify NGS results and familial followup studies on genetic variants.