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Clinical Genetics

Clinical Genetics

The first step is a clear diagnosis

Genetic testing can support your clinical diagnosis


Amplexa Genetics has long time expertise in epilepsy genetics. Our epilepsy panels are co-developed with leading centers and experts in epilepsy, and contain high impact genes making the panels clinically relevant.

Ataxia & movement disorders

Covering an array of ataxia-linked movement disorders. This panel examines 205 genes.

Autism &
Autism Spectrum Disorders

Aimed at autism and autism spectrum disorders without links to epilepsy.


Familial hemiplegic migraine, a series of migraine disorders linked to 4 genes.


Several panels designed for both Hypo-, Hyper- and Pseudohypo-parathyroidism, where the parathyroid hormone signaling pathwayh is pertubed.

Bone Disorders

Osteogenesis Imperfecta and Osteopetrosis panels, to detect genetic variations behind bone malformation.


A panel designed to reveal genetic causes of obesity.

Trio WES or WGS solution

For your unsolved clinical cases an extended clinical genetic approach involving whole exome or whole genome trio analysis might be worth trying.