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Amplexa offers custom COVID-19 tests in Denmark

Amplexa offers custom COVID-19 tests in Denmark

September 4, 2020

Custom COVID-19 testing arrangements in Denmark.

COVID-19 is a persistent challenge for many companies to deal with and will be for some time. Amplexa is offering customizable tests to companies who require more flexible testing than the public health system can provide.

Amplexa can provide expertise and experience in testing for COVID-19. Recently, we have set up the COVID-19 testing system for Greenland and are supporting the COVID-19 testing systems for Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

Currently, we are providing this service for shipping companies sailing out of Denmark. Passengers and crew are swabbed before they board the ferry and Amplexa provides a result within 12 hours, protecting tourists and destination alike.

These agreements were tailormade to suit the needs of the shipping companies to allow fast testing in location.

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