Founded in 2006, Amplexa Genetics is one of the world's longest-existing private genetic laboratories. The company is among the pioneers in the sale of genetic analyzes. We have always focused on high quality and usability in our work, and we know how important it is for our survey results!



Our mission is to provide knowledge that can help individuals make decisions. Whether you are private or professional, the results of our research help you plan what your family should look like or what treatment to choose for your patient.


Our vision is to develop our position as an internationally recognized partner and supplier of functional genetic analyses and become the field's favorite.


Amplexa Genetics, together with recognized and respected scientific experts, has developed more than 100 different clinical genetic tests. They are mainly distributed in neurology, endocrinology, cardiology, and oncology.

 The tests we perform cover highly significant genes where the published scientific literature supports the disease-causing consequence of variants in the genes.

Amplexa Genetics has a strong network of specialists with competencies in genetics and genetic research - they are available with help in interpreting unique variants or variants that are difficult to interpret.


Amplexa Genetics uses the best and latest technologies in the field with an updated fleet of machines - both in terms of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for routine disease panels and Sanger sequencing (Standard Capillary Electrophoresis) for control.


Amplexa Genetics annually chooses to support two different voluntary organizations -For many years, as this year, it has been the Danish Refugee Council. Migration has been the background for us to develop into the people we are today-for millennialennia been the background for us to develop into the people we are today. At present, in many places, this migration is involuntary and in the wake of wars, conflicts, and disasters. We want to help these people to have a better life.

The other organization Amplexa Genetics supports is the Danish Hospital Clowns, which has benefited hospitalized children throughout their illness. They spread smiles and joy in hospitalized children and families when needed.


Rikke Steensbjerre Møller, Cand.scient, Ph.d

Head of genetic research, Danish Epilepsy Center Filadelfia, Dianalund


Deb Pal, MD, Ph.D., MRCP

Professor of Pediatric Epilepsy, King's College London


Henriette Roed Nielsen
Clinical geneticist. Medical Director European Sperm Bank

Steen Broch Lauridsen
Biologist, IVF-South

Amplexa Genetics collaborates with more than 100 reputable hospitals, laboratories, and doctors worldwide and provides the best professional service.
It supports their work with clinical diagnoses.