10X Single Cell RNA-seq is the newest generation of NGS sequencing techniques, which allow for analysis of transcriptomes, cell surface protein profiles, immune clonotype, antigen specificity, chromatin accessibility ect. on cell-by-cell basis.

This 10X technique utilizes emulsion droplet generation ensuring that all fragments generated within the same droplet share a common barcode. A massively diverse barcode library is provided with the 10X kit, and the 10X technique allows barcoding and partitioning of thousands of individual cells within minutes.


The technique can be used for:

Single Cell Transcriptome Profiling: A 3' gene expression analysis with multiomic capabilities to profile tens thousands of cells and explore for instance the cellular heterogeneity, cell fates, biomarkers ect.


Single Cell Immune Profiling: A multiomic solution to analyze full-length, paired B-cell or T-cell receptors, surface protein expression, and antigen specificity, in combination with gene expression analysis, all from a single cell.


Single Cell ATAC sequencing: A multiomic solution to uncover gene regulatory mechanisms by simultaneous analysis of the gene expression profile and the chromatin accessibility in the same cell.


Targeted Gene expression analysis: Profiling of a defined set of transcripts from single cells in order to reduce costs while increasing the number of samples, or increasing the sequencing depth with customizable, comprehensive gene panels.


10x Genomics technique is developed by Chromium Next GEM Technology

Chemistry: Next GEM Technology

Hardware: Chromium Controller Microfluidics Instrument + Novaseq 6000 Sequencing instrument